We amplify women’s voices, and cultivate their skills and resilience.

Together with our donors and volunteers, we are active in changing the conditions that threaten women’s safety, dignity and equality. We believe that by working together we can change the social conditions that generate and perpetuate violence against women.

As Interveners, Women Against Violence Against Women Rape Crisis Centre and the Barbra Schlifer Clinic were successful in having their concerns reflected in the Inquiry Committee Report regarding the recommendation to remove the Honorable Justice Camp from the bench. The final report of the Inquiry quoted directly from our submission that:

“The social significance of a judge, in the highest position of authority, relying on rape myths and being oppositional to four decades of law reform, should be of central concern to the Inquiry Committee.”

When rape myths are relied on by a person with authority and power in our society, such as “judge who should occupy a ‘place apart’, the discriminatory impact is more pronounced and the normalizing effects of those discriminatory views in society are far-reaching.”

We work with:

  • justice systems

  • the health care system

  • law enforcement

  • the child and social welfare sectors

  • social services

  • government

  • religious, educational and cultural institutions

  • community leaders