Half of the women in Canada have experienced at least one act of physical or sexual violence by the age of sixteen. At least one million children in Canada have witnessed violence against their mothers.

The Schlifer Clinic is dedicated to changing that. Our work focuses on helping women who have experienced violence. It also helps to shape a community and a world in which all women are safer and given more respect.

To help women build lives free from violence, we provide, among other things:

  • high-quality and effective counselling
  • legal help
  • court support
  • advocacy
  • transitional housing
  • interpretation services

The support of individuals, corporations, foundations, businesses and groups in our community is essential to our ground-breaking work. Join us.

Through the gift of time and energy, you can help. Here are some options:

  • become a member
  • participate in the Clinic’s special events
  • volunteer your time to help with programs, committees, special projects or at the front desk