The Barbra Schlifer Clinic offers legal help, counselling and language interpretation to women who have experienced violence.

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Exciting Announcement: Nil Köksal, award-winning journalist and anchor at CBC News Toronto, will host our 20th Anniversary Schlifer Tribute Event!





We are delighted to announce that Nil Köksal is confirmed to host our 20th Anniversary Tribute  Event on June 12, 2014!

Nil Köksal is an  award-winning journalist and anchor at CBC News Toronto.

With more than a decade in the industry, Nil is a trusted name in breaking news and skilled storytelling. She worked her way up through the ranks of the newsroom, to writer, producer, videojournalist, reporter and host. She has covered some of the biggest stories in Ontario, including the turbulent G20 Summit in Toronto and the loss of Jack Layton.
In 2013, Nil won the Best Breaking Reportage (Local) Canadian Screen Award for her work on Mariam Makniashvili’s disappearance. Nil was lauded for her special coverage of the provincial Liberal leadership race in 2013, guiding viewers through the historic moment Kathleen Wynne became the first female Premier in Ontario and the first openly gay Premier in Canada.

Read more about her accomplishments

Tribute2014_SavetheDateW3Our 20th Anniversary Tribute fundraiser, sponsored by Blakes, will be held on June 12, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at the Daniels Spectrum. We will confer the second annual Spirit of Barbra Schlifer Award, sponsored by Torys LLP, to a woman who burns with the passion for justice that Barbra herself represents. We will feature our popular silent and live auctions, excellent food, beverages as well as entertainment.

Don’t miss out on a fabulous, fun filled night for a good cause !

For tickets, call (416) 323-9149 ext 237.

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Dance for a Dream Tonight!

Dance for A Dream

Support the Ride for A Dream campaign and join us tonight,  April 11, 2014, for Dance for a Dream.  The event will be held at The Great Hall at 1087 Queen Street West.  Tickets are $15.00 and doors open at 9:30.  All proceeds from the event will go to support the Clinic’s work.                                   

Love Music? Support the Clinic April 12!

Saturday,   April 12

at 8:30pm


Seven44   Restaurant & Lounge (the old chick’n deli)

744 Mt. Pleasant, Toronto, Ontario M4S 2N6


The air may chill, the winds may howl, and the snow may bluster, but April’s lions always roar.
Or something like that, the hieroglyphs are pretty faded…..
Come check out the spring lions!

Who: Slowpoke with special guests (Manuel, friend of Rodrigues, and No Signal)…

Where: Seven44 Restaurant & Lounge (744 Mt Pleasant Rd) (the old Chick’n'Deli)

When: Saturday, April 12th – 8:30pm start

What: 3 great bands, room full of friends, flashing lights/loud sounds, delightful cocktails – $10 cover

Why: for The Barbra Schlifer Clinic,   a specialized clinic for women experiencing violence in Toronto. Their diverse, skilled and compassionate staff accompany women through personal and practical transformation, helping them to build lives free from violence.

Barbra Schlifer was an idealistic young lawyer whose life was cut short by violence on the night of her call to the bar of Ontario. In her memory, the Barbra Schlifer Clinic assists 4,000 women a year to build lives free from violence through counseling, legal representation and language interpretation.

Donations collected will benefit the clinic and the women served directly.

How Can Legal Students Lessen The Effects Of Vicarious Trauma? Check Out This Article By Our Director of Counselling Services to Find Out!

Vicarious trauma is hardly a new phenomenon, yet it is not widely known or understood outside the counselling professions. In 1990 Lisa McCann and Laurie Anne Pearlman published an article in which they first coined and defined the term and condition known as vicarious trauma to describe a “new theoretical context for understanding this complex phenomenon,” where helpers begin to display a constellation of symptoms comparable to their traumatized clients’ set of symptoms. Prior to McCann and Pearlman’s article, a handful of research and subjective observations focused on therapist reactions to traumatized clients but failed to understand gradual buildup of effect. In the years to follow, the literature and research in the field expanded to include other helping professions. In Transforming the Pain: A Workbook on Vicarious Traumatization, Karen W Saakvitne and Laurie Anne Pearlman list  criminal defence lawyers as being at risk for vicarious traumatization. Since then, lawyers working in the areas of civil law, child protection, family law, and refugee and immigration law have been identified as susceptible. There appears to be an emerging trend in the field of law which is starting to address the role of vicarious trauma.”

Read Entire Article:

 “ Teaching Law Students Lessening the Potential Effects of Vicarious Trauma”, Published in Manitoba Law Journal Online

By: Lynne Jenkins, Director of Counselling Services at BSCC



Disturbing snapshot of women’s shelters: Goar

Disturbing snapshot of women’s shelters: Goar

Women’s shelters are caught between protecting their clients and financing their operations

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Schlifer Legal Director Mary Lou Fassel on Publication Bans

Balancing reality with consent, full information and choice in applying the bans is key.   “Survivors want some kind of assurances that they will have some protection when they report.”