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Toronto Star Article: It’s Been A Terrible Decade Under Stephen Harper

Toronto Star Article: It’s been a terrible decade under Stephen Harper: Porter

By: Columnist, Published on Thu Oct 22 2015

“We all have high hopes for the Trudeau regime. We hope he works to make Canada safer for women, and more fair. We hope he pushes business to pay women as much as men with legislation (a recent internal presentation by the Status of Women Canada, acquired by CBC news, stated Canadian women aged 45 to 54 make $23,600 less then their male counterparts, on average). We hope he brings more women into not just cabinet posts, but department leadership positions, and changes our electoral system to finally herald more women into parliament. (On Monday, women’s representation in the House of Commons edged up one measly percentage point to 26.)

But, to start, we’ll settle for an invitation to talk. “That alone, would be the biggest change,” says Dale.”

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Enrollment Now Open! Connecting Legal Services to Interpretation: A Course for Spoken Language Interpreters



This is an advanced online training for interpreters who have already successfully completed an interpreter training course.

Learn how to interpret effectively in legal settings by:

Enhancing your understanding of the Canadian legal system and the administration of justice in Ontario

  • Increasing your familiarity with different areas of law and related processes
  • Developing your knowledge of terminology used in a variety of legal and quasi-legal proceedings 
  • Integrating knowledge, applying practice standards and improving competencies necessary to effectively interpret in working in legal settings.

Technical Requirements

  • Computer or tablet with internet
  • Speakers or headphones
  • Recording device


Enrollment opens October 20, 2015. The course will be available until March 14, 2016. The course is self-directed: you can enroll and take the course on your own time.

Duration: 25-30 hours

Cost: FREE until March, 2016

To self-enroll visit Click on “Connecting Legal Services to Interpretation: A Course for Interpreters”.



The Schlifer Clinic To Present About Our Arpillera Program At The Stitching Peace Conference In Gernika, Spain!

Lynne Jenkins, Director of Counselling , and Carolina Gana, Counsellor at the Barbra Schlifer Clinic, will be presenting at the Stitching Peace Conference in Gernika, Spain! We would like to give special thanks to Claudia Lopez for her past work establishing the Arpillera Group at the Clinic.

The conference will take place at the Peace Museum, and BSCC’s presentation will be held on October 5th, 2015. Check out the flyer below (in Spanish) for more details. 

Folleto arpilleras Gernika-page-001

CBC Radio The Current: Barbra Schlifer Clinic Counsellor & Advocate Farrah Khan Speaks Out About The Urgent Need To Expand The Mandate Of The Death Review Committee To Include Murders Of Young Women Killed By Their Families

“We often don’t hear about women who face family violence until they’re dead.” – Farrah Khan

Tragically in the past year, six women in Saskatchewan have been murdered, and all are believed to have been killed by an intimate partner. Violence Against Women agencies in Saskatchewan have rallied together to call for a formal review of domestic homicides.

Although Ontario does have a Domestic Violence Death Review Committee (DVDRC), murders committed by family members are not currently included. In an interview on CBC Radio: The Current, Farrah Khan, Barbra Schlifer Clinic Counsellor & Advocate, explains why the current DVDRC urgently needs to expand its mandate to include murders of young women killed by their families: “We need to expand the definition of violence so that when young women come forward…for support from violence against women services, their needs are met…we need a mandate across the board.”

Farrah poses the question, “what happens when a young woman is experiencing extreme violence from their family or indicators that could lead up to murder, yet we don’t have the robust pieces in place to support them?”

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