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Toronto Star Article: Let’s Make Mother’s Day About Helping Mothers!

Today in the Toronto Star, Catherine Porter’s article suggests Mother’s Day can be about uplifting mothers by donating to charities that help women:  “If we convinced people to spend half of their gift budgets on charities that focus on women, think of the difference it could make.” We couldn’t agree more! Read an excerpt of the article below, and make a donation today:

Let’s make Mother’s Day about helping mothers: Porter

By: Catherine Porter Columnist, Published on Thu May 07 2015

“What an inspiring thought: Mothers’ Day. Rather than manufacturing some tepid family appreciation and greeting card sales, May 10 becomes a springboard for meaningful change. Here’s what I mean by meaningful: In the United States, the National Retail Federation predicts people will spend $21.2 billion (U.S.) on Mother’s Day this year. For perspective: that’s nearing double the international pledges promised to Haiti to rebuild after the devastating 2010 earthquake. Here in Canada, the Bank of Montreal funded a poll two years ago which found most of us spend $107 for Mother’s Day — usually on cards, flowers and a meal at a restaurant. What if we asked our partners and children to spend just half that on gifts, and give the rest to charities that help other mothers?

We don’t have a Mothers’ Day Movement here in Canada, yet. We should. Here are five organizations that do incredible work for women who need help in our city. A donation to any of them would make a great gift.”

The Schlifer Clinic: This organization was founded in 1985, by the friends of Barbara Schlifer — a law school graduate who was found raped and killed in her apartment building staircase on the very night she’d been out celebrating her call to the bar. It serves women fleeing violence, with legal support, counselling and interpretation in 100 languages. A donation of $75 will provide on-site child care to a woman getting group counselling for three weeks. (”

The Schlifer Clinic Proudly Announces Deepa Mattoo As The 3rd Spirit of Barbra Schlifer Award Recipient!

Barbra-Schlifer-April2015_v2 (1)Deepa Mattoo: 2015 Spirit of Barbra Schlifer Award Recipient

Deepa Mattoo is a passionate defender of women’s rights to safety, access to justice and self-determination. She exemplifies the spirit of Barbra Schlifer in her daily work to create the possibility of freedom from violence, coercion and discrimination.






deepaAt the South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario (SALCO), where Deepa is a staff lawyer, she has become well-known and well-regarded for her skill and humility in defending the complex rights of women in legal and public policy contexts that often seem to simplify women’s claims into oppositions between their rights to enjoy their culture and protections on the basis of gender.  Refuting such easy oppositions, Deepa is able to take daily struggles for individual rights, and elevate what they reveal about systemic failures in immigration policy, family law and criminal law.  She creates informed activist debate, while keeping her clients’ wishes and instructions at the fore. Her voice was a pioneering one in the complex nexus of issues raised by forced marriages. Hers was a nuanced struggle to begin with facts, and then protect and inform women, as well as critique paternalistic state approaches that only further disempowered the very women they purported to assist.

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Don’t Miss The Women in Music and Arts (WIMA) Event On May 23 – With A Portion Of Ticket Sales Going To The Schlifer Clinic!

May 23, 2015 is your chance to attend an amazing event celebrating women!  Black Siren Entertainment​ presents Women in Music and Arts (WIMA), an event that highlights women’s creativity and expression through art and music. The event takes place at Emmanuel Park United Church at 4 p.m.. First, there is the Women’s Art Exhibition, which features painting, photography and illustrations for various female artists. Then at 7 p.m. is Women in Music, a concert with performances from lots of artists to enjoy! Tickets are $15, with a portion of the ticket sales will be going to the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic.

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