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Enrollment Now Open! Connecting Legal Services to Interpretation: A Course for Legal Service Providers

CONNECTING LEGAL SERVICES TO INTERPRETATION: An Online Course for Legal Service Providers 

To successfully represent your client you need effective two-way communication. This online course will equip you with best practices for working with spoken language interpreters, in-person and remotely. Learn how working with trained interpreters saves time and manages risk, how to assess the quality of interpretation, where to access interpreters in Ontario, and more!

AccredCPD-BW (1)

This course contains 1 Professionalism Hour. This course is eligible for up to 1.75 Substantive Hours.


Dates: Enrollment opens March 22, 2015 and remains open until September 30, 2015. The course may be completed at any time between these dates.

Duration: This self-paced online course takes approximately 3 hours to complete. Participants are encouraged to complete the course in more than one sitting.
Cost: This course is offered free of charge to all lawyers, paralegals and other legal service providers in Ontario.
Enrollment:To self-enroll visit Click on “Connecting Legal Services to Interpretation: A Course for Legal Service Providers”.


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Vancouver Sun Article: Newcomers Face Significant Financial and Communication Challenges

A recent article from the Vancouver Sun sheds light on the particular barriers that newcomers and former refugees face as senior citizens:

“Recent policy changes have made things more difficult for immigrant seniors, who typically come to Canada either as sponsored family members or refugees, Friesen said. Citizenship and Immigration Canada recently increased the amount of time families must commit to financially supporting relatives to 20 years from 10 years, which means that only the wealthiest families are able to be reunited on a permanent basis. On the refugee side, Canada now selects people based on need of protection versus ability to settle.

“All these things are colliding together that impact the livelihood and life and dignity of these folks as they age in Canada,” Friesen said. “What was kind of an eye opener for me is, if you arrive at 65 and you have no financial means, your baseline entitlement is under $11,000 (per year) that you have to live on. On top that, if you’re a refugee, not only is it less than $11,000 but you also have to repay your transportation loan that provided you the opportunity to come to Canada.”

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Ending Sex Discrimination In The Law: Holding Governments Accountable in the Beijing+20 Review Process

“In 1995, at the historic UN 4th World Conference on Women, 189 governments agreed on a comprehensive roadmap — the Beijing Platform for Action — to advance women’s rights and achieve gender equality. In it States declared that laws which discriminate against women undermine equality and pledged to “revoke any remaining laws that discriminate on the basis of sex.” Yet inequality, even in its most overt form, has not been vanquished.”

“2015 marks both the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Beijing Platform for Action and the adoption by States of a new post-2015 development framework to eradicate poverty and to promote equality globally. “

Read The Full Report: Words and Deeds: Holding Governments Accountable in the Beijing+20 Review Process

“What You Can Do

  • Urge heads of state in this report to amend or repeal all sex discriminatory laws and fulfill their commitment to the 1995 Beijing Platform for Action and gender equality. You can take action at
  • Write your President or Prime Minister and ask them to review the legislation in your country to amend all laws that discriminate against women or have a discriminatory impact on women. You can find a sample letter to download at
  • Spread the word and increase the impact! Share this campaign with your networks to hold governments accountable to their international legal obligation to ensure gender equality.
  • Join the movement to end sex discrimination in nationality and child marriage laws by taking Action at”

Upcoming Speaking Events

Join the2015 Osgoode Speaker Series IWD Schlifer Schlifer Clinic at two upcoming speaking engagements to discuss the Clinic’s constitutional challenge to the repeal of the long gun registry and intervention in R. v. Quesnelle.

Friday February 27, 2015 at the David Asper Symposium at the University of Toronto, “Life, Liberty & Equality – Canadian Style: the Interplay of Section 7 and 15 of the Charter”. Download the full program.

Friday March 6, 2015 at the Institute of Feminist Legal Studies 2015 Winter Speaker Series at Osgoode Hall “Still Persons Test Case Litigating with the Schlifer Clinic”. Download the flyer.

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